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Esperanza Certificate Information

Esperanza is funded by the Wisconsin Partnership Program and will not be funded by UW-Madison after Spring 2025.

For more information, you can contact Dr. Ramírez Stege directly at ramirezstege@wisc.edu

Esperanza Bilingual Mental Health Services Certificate Application

Online application form for applying for the Esperanza Certificate program

e.g., Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, Rehabilitation Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, Family Medicine, Public Health.
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Complete the ACTFL Proficiency Placement Test. Institution look up: “University of Wisconsin-Madison Esperanza Certificate”. Students applying must demonstrate Intermediate to Advanced Spanish language proficiency. This is a non-proctored test with a cost of $15 and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Results will be immediately available.
List the TOTAL COURSE CREDITS PER SEMESTER, including the Esperanza graduate certificate courses, to assess how these will fit your schedule.
SPRING Total Credits COUN PSY 500 (1-credit)
SUMMER Total Credits COUN PSY/CHICLA 525 Dimensions of Latinx Mental Health (3-credits); CP 550 Strengthening Latinx Health (3-credits) *note: both classes must be taken the same Summer
FALL Total Credits COUN PSY 575 Prac I: Case Conceptualization with Latinxs (1-credit)
SPRING II Total Credits COUN PSY 580 Prac II: Treatment Planning & Interventions with Latinxs (1-credit)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate students who are in a clinically-related graduate program (e.g., psychology, social work) are eligible to apply. Please note that enrollment in the certificate courses are an addition to your graduate program expectations and may incur additional enrollment fees based on individual student’s financial packages. 
  • Once approved to the Esperanza Certificate, we will follow-up with information about submitting the online Graduate School Form to add the certificate plan to your student record for your official transcript.
  • Students are individually responsible for applying to clinical practicum/internship sites based on their graduate program requirements. We strongly encourage (but do not require) sites that can provide at least 25% of clinical experience in Spanish for your practice throughout the certificate program. If applicable, students are encouraged to highlight their involvement in Esperanza  Partnership (UW-Centro Hispano) as part of their application materials.