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Essential for a thriving and vibrant Latinx/e community...

Community-engaged work

We have adopted multiple guiding frameworks that inspire how and where we see our work including Adames & Chávez-Dueñas (2019) No Health Without Mental Health & Systemic Change, Healthy People 2020, and the WHO Social Determinants of Health Conceptual Framework (2010):
Esperanza Model graphic (flowchart/informational graphic)

Esperanza Color Bar

Our Hope (Esperanza)

Through Esperanza we declare a need for alignment of what is essential for a thriving and vibrant Latinx/e community. Nuestra Cultura de Salud asserts the importance of building hope, esperanza, and targeted interventions to improve the long-term health of our Latinx/e community in Dane County and beyond.
Esperanza Hope graphic (flowchart/informational graphic about Social/Family Wellbeing and Psychological Health, etc)

At Centro Hispano, our efforts include:

  • “Momentos de Esperanza” mental health literacy campaign
  • Latinx/e Leadership development that stimulates youth and adult voice and activism
  • Mental wellbeing of Centro and community staff
  • Transformative evaluation of community programming
  • Building bridges across systems in the city, county, and state

At the School of Education, Esperanza seeks to:

  • Recruit and train heritage and other Spanish-speaking students
  • Provide linguistically, culturally, and situationally appropriate services in Madison and Dane County
  • Approach the provision of psychological services through interdisciplinary, anti-racist and decolonization frameworks
  • Develop research and innovation to serve the Latinx/e community

In the Community, Esperanza:

  • Advocates with and for the Latinx/e community
  • Partners with other community members for program development

Check out our regular offerings:


  • Students are encouraged to attend monthly Charlas, presentations by community and other university partners locally and internationally to increase student awareness of resources available and build their skills in responding to Latinx community needs.

HEART Santuario

  • Students are encouraged to attend monthly meetings of the HEART Santuario and HEART Talleres that seeks to bring together Latinx and Latinx-serving mental health supports at multiple intersections (e.g., community-based, school, health care) across Wisconsin who work with Latinx communities to promote healing from ethno-racial trauma

See a list of our work here and more about our team here.

This is our Organigrama (organizational chart) with current projects: