Daniela Robledo, M.S.

Position title: Counseling Psychology MS Student

Email: drobledo@wisc.edu

Daniela is a second-generation Latina immigrant and first-generation college student pursuing higher education. She is an MS graduate from the Counseling Psychology program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she volunteered as a Research Assistant for the Esperanza Research Project. She is starting her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Daniela will be conducting research on the effectiveness of home visiting program interventions serving caregivers with young children to prevent and manage mental health concerns. Daniela aims to study the various cultural contexts for home visiting families that might influence the effectiveness of adapted interventions for marginalized populations. Daniela has contributed to several research projects that include topics of health equity, mentorship, indigenizing curriculums and practice, and teaching. Daniela’s research interests include family mental health, immigration-related stress, generational trauma, indigenous ways of healing, and cultural risk and protective factors for immigrant population’s health and well-being.