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Essential for a thriving and vibrant Latinx/e community...

Vision // Nuestra visión

Our Vision

Through Esperanza we declare a need for alignment of what is essential for a thriving and vibrant Latinx/e community. Nuestra Cultura de Salud asserts the importance of building hope, esperanza, and targeted interventions to improve the long-term health of our Latinx/e community in Dane County and beyond.
Esperanza Hope graphic (flowchart/informational graphic about Social/Family Wellbeing and Psychological Health, etc)

At Centro Hispano, our efforts include:

  • “Momentos de Esperanza” mental health literacy campaign
  • Latinx/e Leadership development that stimulates youth and adult voice and activism
  • Mental wellbeing of Centro and community staff
  • Transformative evaluation of community programming
  • Building bridges across systems in the city, county, and state

At the School of Education, Esperanza seeks to:

  • Recruit and train heritage and other Spanish-speaking students
  • Provide linguistically, culturally, and situationally appropriate services in Madison and Dane County
  • Approach the provision of psychological services through interdisciplinary, anti-racist and decolonization frameworks
  • Develop research and innovation to serve the Latinx/e community

In the Community, Esperanza:

  • Advocates with and for the Latinx/e community
  • Partners with other community members for program development

See a list of current projects and Our Work // Vea una lista de nuestros proyectos y Nuestro Trabajo.

Our Frameworks

We have adopted multiple guiding frameworks that inspire how and where we see our work including Adames & Chávez-Dueñas (2019) No Health Without Mental Health & Systemic Change, Healthy People 2020, and the WHO Social Determinants of Health Conceptual Framework (2010):
Esperanza Model graphic (flowchart/informational graphic)

Esperanza Color Bar

Reciprocity with Our Communities // Reciprocidad con Nuestras Comunidades

Have you benefitted from plant medicine and want to give back? Are you interested in making a difference by supporting ancestral work and Indigenous practices? Please join us in supporting the initial stages of the Ancestral Cacao Reclamation Project. Every donation makes a difference! Please share with your network!